Alia Wants to work As The Heroine Of Prabhas

Alia Bhatt who saw Baahubali 2 took to Twitter and imparted her elation. She tweeted. ‘Require another word for this. After her tweet, a few fans suggested her conversation starters about Baahubali and an interesting request from a fan was if Alia would team up with Prabhas. Offering an explanation to this Alia expressed, ‘Definitely!’.

Prabhas is beyond question the present heartthrob of India. All on-screen characters and officials need to work with him after his execution in Baahubali. In any case, Prabhas and Alia in a present love show is an interesting pair also. Is it exact to state that it isn’t? We wish this join works together soon and connect with the masses

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