Jayasurya shares his shocking experience.

Those boisterous shouts are as yet reverberating in my years; Jayasurya shares his stunning background.

The vehicle transports at Malappuram contend between themselves out and about inorder to get more travelers and to reach at time. This practice puts the life of travelers at hazard. Noe as of late on-screen character Jayasurya alsi came to experienc such a ‘transport race’. The on-screen character who dependably makes his conclusion about social issues has shared his experience about this.

It was amid the shoot of the motion picture Captian, Jayasurya and their group was going through Kakkancherry and abruptly a transport overtaked their vehicle at a highspeed close to a bend. The performer says that an auto in which a family was voyaging had a close call from slamming into the transport. The on-screen character likewise uncovered that the shouts from the auto is still echoung inside his ears. He likewise included that ‘siblings you kght be dping this to make your living however it must not be by ending the life of others

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