Kavya Madhavan’s Facebook Page Deactivated!

Following the capture of Dileep in light of the confirmations gotten by the police on the on-screen character kidnapping episode, the facebook page of performing artist and the spouse of the charged, Kavya Madhavan has vanished from Facebook. By the looks of it, the page of Lakshya has additionally been deactivated. This might be because of the thrashings from the netizens for the deeds as far as anyone knows commited by Dileep. Aa soon as the news about the performing artist getting captured turned out, individuals have been posting their contemplations about the issue on various online networking stages. Dileep’s legitimate Facebook page is as yet their working and dynamic. The last post was that of Ramaleela which was posted 23 hours prior. The Kerala police on Monday, arrested Malayalam performing artist Dileep regarding the kidnapping and charged rape of a lady performer in February this year.

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