Why Was Mansoor Ali Khan Furious At Kamal Haasan?

In an as of late held sound dispatch of Urudhi Kol, performing artist Mansoor Ali Khan went all firearms bursting at Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. The reason being the most recent TV reality appear, Big Boss, which the unbelievable on-screen character is facilitating.

Mansoor Ali Khan communicated disappointment amid the sound dispatch occasion expressing that the new TV reality demonstrate is not in great taste in accordance with the general public and that the same is demolishing the matter of silver screen.

He even expressed that Kamal Haasan’s part in the truth indicate is crippling as the amazing on-screen character is assuming a part in executing Tamil silver screen.

The performer communicated that family gathering of people who for the most part fill theaters for night and night demonstrates are holding back themselves because of Big Boss.

The rehash broadcast of the TV reality indicate happens the following day morning and that is said to be affecting morning appears too. Mansoor Ali Khan, also requested that Kamal understand producers whose films are currently running in theaters.

He additionally needed Kamal Haasan to feel the warmth of a similar situation i.e., a reality indicate like Big Boss facilitated by any semblance of Vijay or Ajith broadcasted amid the season of Kamal Haasn’s film discharge!

With GST and civil assessment as of now gouging Tamil silver screen, will the truth indicate excessively act like an impediment, making it impossible to the matter of Kollywood?

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