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Rajashilpi is plainly a re-recounting the legend about master Shiva. The plot of the story is developed in a way that the occasions in the legend rehashes itself in another setting with various characters yet with a similar profound airs of the primary people, particularly Siva and Sati. Watchers, who might be on edge to find out about the Uma is baffled in the underlying spot in light of the fact that the occurrences of Uma’s existence with Sambhu isn’t appeared in the film in a type of flashback or in another way. Rather the primary picture of Durga is kept up all through the film which encourages the watchers to acknowledge the possibility of Durga as the re-incarnated Uma. It is likewise fascinating to take note of that simply after Durga comes to know about her re-incarnated life as Uma that she can become hopelessly enamored with Shambu. Until then her alluring strategies go futile. The passing of Durga’s dad is indicated distinctively in the film. The Shiva is doing his Thandava, the move of Siva out of his fierceness that symbolizes demolition of this universe-life of circumstances and end results.

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