Salim Kumar came out supporting Dileep through his Facebook post.

We had officially detailed about the issues through which mainstream on-screen character Dileep is proceeding onward now. He is being deceived by a segment of media and by a few people who are plotting against him. Their point is to devastate his life and profession and their most recent weapon is the attack instance of a performing artist that had occurred in this year February. Those previously mentioned gathering of individuals are attempting to trap Dileep for this situation utilizing a criminal named Pulsar Suni, who is in prison now. It was Suni who had grabbed and attacked the performing artist. Presently, famous performing artist Salim Kumar turned out through his Facebook page and said that he underpins Dileep in this issue.

Salim Kumar said that he knows Dileep from long years back and he trusts that Dileep is pure in this issue. Salim Kumar likewise said that there are a few people from film industry who needs to wreck Dileep and everything began right around seven years back. Salim Kumar said that even the Police realize that Dileep is honest in this issue, yet what is happening here is the trail by media. It is extremely perilous and we as a whole need to respond against it.Salim Kumar likewise said that if the law authorization framework will prepare to lead a logical lie discovery handle, he will bring Dileep and Nadirsha to go to it. In any case, in the meantime, the Police need to ensure that Pulsar Suni and the performing artist who has been attacked by him likewise need to experience a similar lie recognition handle.

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