Santhosh Pandit in a horror movie!

Santhosh Pandit is on a high subsequent to snatching a chance to share screen space with megastar Mammootty. He is assuming a full length part in the film, coordinated by Ajai Vasudev of Rajadhiraja notoriety. The motion picture, titled as Masterpiece, is Santhosh Pandit’s first film outside his heading.

All the more huge news is coming in now as Santhosh Pandit has been restricted in for a multilingual thriller. The film, titled as Agalya is coordinated by Shijinlal. Composed by Shibin Shah, this blood and gore flick is being made in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

Famous performer Sonia Agarwal is playing the focal character in the film. Hindi performing artist Leena Kapoor is additionally part of the film. Santhosh Pandit will be found in a full length funny part. Agalya is a major spending motion picture which will have much noticeable quality to enhancements. Executive Shibin Shah is likewise creating this motion picture under the flag Sagaram Film Company.

Santhosh Pandit is noted for without any help taking a shot at all the bureaus of filmmaking including acting, bearing, making, verse composing, singing, altering and so on. Eventhough his movies have been extremely reprimanded, he remains a web big name who is determined by the unforgiving responses. As of late, he was amidst broad acknowledged for his kindness in offering money related guide to the poor inhabitants of Govindapuram state.

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