SHAADI ABHI BAAKI HAI Trailer is now Viral!!!

STORY: Two youngsters from differentiating social strata fall head-over-heels in adoration with each other and commonly choose to get married. In any case, the negative substances in their lives have chalked out a malicious arrangement to isolate them.

Major trouble becomes unavoidable when an outside return rich young lady Jugnu (Mansi Dovhal) gets into an unfaltering association with a nearby chap Jaan (Amit Bhaskar) whose financial standing is no place near her affluent yet-tactless family. Puffed proudly, the siblings and their dad (Prem Chopra) pick ‘respect’ over social shame and that is the place the odd arrangement of silly wanders aimlessly start.

‘Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai’ is one of those rom-coms that has touched upon sick practices pervasive in Indian culture (like share provocation, respect murdering and so on.) yet has not possessed the capacity to do equity to it. The author chief has not put much idea into the focal thought and all other sub-plots that she has presented in the film. The plot of this movie—practically like its poor camera work, novice acting, cumbersome altering – is directionless. Occasions, similar to the lady of the hour and prepare planning for marriage to getting shot dead, happen arbitrarily.


Veteran on-screen characters Prem Chopra and Sanjay Mishra do make parts of the film watchable with their awful and comic acts individually. Other than these performers, every other component in it add more disarray and drama to the effectively baffled storyline of ‘Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai’. At two hours of runtime, this Shaadi feels like it won’t ever get over!

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