Social media is incubating a pregnancy surprise for Dileep

It appears to be each one of those succulent Mollywood tattles following performing artist Dileep’s capture regarding the on-screen character attack case were insufficient to satisfy our long for big name tittle-snitch. Presently, online networking gravely needs a pregnancy shock to nibble on and the divinely selected individual for the custom is on-screen character Kavya Madhavan.

That the child knock being referred to has a place with somebody, who has been in the eye of the tempest as far back as Dileep’s capture, makes the hypotheses on Kavya’s pregnancy gleam all the all the more intriguing.

Of course, Kavya had a shine about her when she was last spotted amid a sanctuary bouncing binge with her better half Dileep, however didn’t she generally? Kavya has dependably had impeccable skin, in the first place. This secured, her sudden vanishing from people in general eye has been raising eyebrows, and the web has arrived upon pregnancy as the motivation behind why.

This, consolidated with the police’s refraining way to deal with the on-screen character, has added more fuel to the fire. A couple of online news entrances have even announced that the examination group was obliged to question Kavya at Dileep’s familial house in Aluva attributable to a similar reason.

The guesstimates and child viewing went a bit too far a day or two ago when one site declared that Kavya was in her second trimester and Dileep did not know whether to be upbeat or miserable about it. All things considered, truly?

Affirm, would we cherish an infant Kavya? Totally. Be that as it may, truly, the Internet needs to take a break now, on the grounds that the pregnancy speculations are currently getting really ludicrous.

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Three days back, Kavya was cross examined by the Special Investigation Team regarding the charged intrigue behind the performing artist assault case for more than three hours.

Prior, the Kakkanad office of her online boutique, Laksyah, was attacked by the police following principle blamed Pulsar Suni’s announcement that he had gone by the shop after the wrongdoing.

Suni additionally told the police that he had kept a memory card that purportedly contained foul pictures of the casualty performing artist at Lakshya.

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