After Sunny, it is the turn for ‘Mia Khalifa’

Indeed, very few would have overlooked the entry of Sunny Leone to Kerala. The occurrence ended up being a disclosure, and even national media gateways detailed the news with much significance. In any case, contributing line with Sunny, it appears to be yet another tremendously prominent porn star is preparing to arrive in Kerala. None other than Mia Khalifa is said to go to make a visit to Kerala. Notwithstanding fascinating is the report that, this worldwide star is good to go to act in a Malayalam motion picture. Running with the business insiders, she would act in the second piece of Omar Lulu coordinated ‘Chunkzz’, which will be created by a Bollywood generation organization.

It is additionally revealed that Mia Khalifa would show up in an unmistakable part, while Honey Rose would be the champion of the venture. All set to kick begin shooting by March one year from now, it is certainly going to be an occasion itself, if Mia Khalifa showed up in the motion picture.

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