Taapsee Pannu apologises for the coconut Controversy

As of late Actress Taapsee Pannu in one of her board talks, had made interesting comments about chief Raghavendra Rao who presented her in Telugu motion picture industry with the film Jhummandi Naadam. She had a fabulous time of how the executive utilized coconut in her waist for an exotic, sentimental number. This had clearly not run well with numerous who felt that Taapsee ought not have made such a thanklessness remark. Tapsee rushed to apologize in her web-based social networking page through a video. In the video she said that, “two or three days back, I was in a board where I discussed how a white collar class individual has transformed into a superstar now and how life is changed after that. Be that as it may, some thingsnever change. I didn’t expect to hurt anybody by doing that. In any case, I understood it has happened in view of the remarks or messages I read after that. It took me a short time to comprehend what did I say wrong since I thought in the whole board, whatever I did was to ridicule myself, of how unfit I was in the business and how I was ignorant regarding what was occurring in the business. I felt that is the thing that I specified, however clearly, it didn’t get passed on, as many individuals have been harmed. For me what truly made a difference was the means by which the individual being referred to was feeling about it. Along these lines, I truly need to apologize in the event that I have harmed anybody’s assumptions. Be that as it may, believe me, I didn’t plan to. I truly needed to ridicule my own particular self and nothing else in light of the fact that I feel it is incredible in the event that we can chuckle at your own self. Be that as it may, if all the while, by botch or unexpectedly that I have offended anyone, I am truly sad. It is not in my childhood that I will hurt any individual who is such an imperative piece of my adventure. Raghavendra Rao garu has been the motivation behind why I have been here in any case since that is the place I began from and I can always remember that. It is recently peculiar that how could everybody take it in a way that I have offended him since I have not and I will never. That is not what my expectation was. On the off chance that it has harmed anybody, I am truly sad. It was not that I needed to go out there and ridicule anybody yet me. Along these lines, I am exceptionally sad in the event that I had harmed anybody.”

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