Tiyaan’ Is Not A Propagandist Film, Murali Gopi

As far back as it got discharged in the midst of every single such desire, ‘Tiyaan’ has been blamed for serving the famous sentiments of religious fanatics. At the point when gotten some information about the same, scriptwriter Murali Gopi censured every such allegation, by expressing that, the motion picture wasn’t composed by pointing a specific segment of the general public. He included that the motion picture ought not be viewed as following the ideological accepts of any political gathering; rather it must be seen as an anecdotal work, intended to be appreciated only as a fine art.

Talking about the bits of gossip, the on-screen character – content essayist was of the feeling that he wasn’t responsible for clarifying every last scene imagined in the motion picture; he was of the conclusion, that it was crowd, who need to choose to which classification, the film has a place.

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