Treat Asthma, Bronchitis And Lung Disease With This Ancient Remedy

This old cure has been used by our grandmothers in the pharmaceuticals of various medicinal issues, and people who have endeavored it assert its retouching properties. This is the way by which to set it up:


2 measures of Pure Maple Syrup or 1.1 lbs

1 lbs/½ kg red/purple onions

7 tablespoons rough nectar

2 medium measured lemons

6 glasses/1.5 l water


In a greater skillet, incorporate the maple syrup, and warmth it on a medium warmth. Mix well to get a splendid shade of the mass, incorporate the cut onions, and cook for a couple of minutes. Next, pour the water.

You should warm up the mix on medium warmth until the point that the measure of the water is diminished by a third. Desert it to chill off, and pound the lemons, and incorporate their juice. Finally, incorporate the nectar, and mix well yet again.

Leave the cure in the midst of the night, and strain it the next morning.

Exhaust the consequent liquid into a glass bottle.


Eat up a tablespoon of it after dinners remembering the true objective to quickly relieve these issues and their appearances.

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